Employment Agreement
with a WOW factor

Give your new hire the best start with a visual employment agreement. 
Give your new hire the best start with a visual employment agreement. 
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Signing should be a festive moment.

An employment contract is often long and jam-packed with jargon, obligations and warnings. A shame. Because signing an employment contract should be a festive moment. And is a great opportunity to put your company culture in the spotlights.
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In the house style

Customized to your corporate identity and tone of voice
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Modern, informal and to the point

So that everyone knows where they stand
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Legally watertight

Drafted by an attorney
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Up to date

In line with the August 2022 law change
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Compatible with HR systems

And in a file format that is easily customizable
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Includes check staff guide

So that it too is completely in line with the law
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Start today!

Avoid frustration and ambiguity.
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How does it work?

1. Kick-off

We discuss your requirements for the design and legal content. We also establish the technical specifications so that the agreement fits seamlessly into your workflow.

2. First draft designs

We get to work on a first draft.

3. Legal check staff guide

Our lawyer checks the staff guide. So that it is completely in line with the agreement as well as the law.

4. Feedback meeting

All feedback is welcome. Truly.

5. Delivery of final documents

We deliver the agreement in a format that is easy for you to work with. Such as a Word or Google Drive file.

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What our customers say

Lawyers and designers
It's great to work with designers who are also lawyers.
Marieke de HoonDirector Netherlands, Public International Law & Policy Group
They know the legal practice
Patroon knows the pressures and unpredictability of legal practice. This sets them apart.
Charlotte Spierings Attorney at law, Clifford Chance
Deeply impressed
I am deeply impressed with the way Patroon goes through our legal documentation. They take out legal inconsistencies and bring it back to basics.
Legal counselHead of Risk & Compliance
Savannah Koomen

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