Legal design bootcamp for legal innovators at De Roos Lawyers

How can we get text-based lawyers to think and work more in visual?
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We developed a customized legal design academy. A training program focused on developing the skills needed for the lawyer of the future.

De Roos Advocaten is an Amsterdam-based law firm focused on growth, technology and social enterprises. De Roos has experienced impressive growth and has quickly become a legal powerhouse, competing with established law firms. Not only for clients, but more importantly, for top legal talent. 

To help De Roos attract top talent and challenge current team members, we developed The Roos Legal Design Academy. Personal master classes on the methodology and theory of legal design are combined with technical training. Thus, participants learn to master both theory and tools. 

Hands-on assignments are designed to encourage the practical implementation of legal design in the firm. Academy participants have access to the Legal Design Platform. Where they can easily create legal infographics. To enhance their opinions, written submissions and pleadings with proven and tested design elements.

All templates are tailored to the needs and branding of De Roos Lawyers. Every lawyer at De Roos participates in the Legal Design Academy. This results in a team that knows how to harness the power of design. To effectively communicate with clients and courts using visuals, and excel in project management.

But legal design is more than a useful tool. By learning the skill of visual communication, young employees can tap into their creativity. And to take on more responsibility and shape their role as a contact for legal design on their team.

HR strategy
Legal design is essential to our HR strategy. Not only to attract creative and out-of-the-box thinkers, but also to ensure challenging and dynamic jobs.
Joni Uhlenbeck
CEO De Roos Attorneys at Law

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