A clear contract for... influencers

A clear contract for influencers. Without the fine print.
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We have created a series of clear infographics explaining the most important financial arrangements. Without misunderstandings about who gets what. Users don't want to print, sign and scan documents. So we made sure to implement digital signing.

When it comes to commercial contracts, we believe full transparency is the way to go. After all, nothing kills trust like fine print. Full transparency is especially important in contracts with non-legal persons. In this case: young influencers with a huge following on social media.

Because one misunderstanding can cause your business to go viral. And not in the right way. Our client asked us to make their influencer agreement crystal clear. Providing full transparency and minimizing the risk of misunderstandings. We explained the most important financial agreements in a clear infographic. Users don't want to print, sign and scan documents. So we ensured a smooth digital signature.

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Savannah Koomen
Savannah Koomen
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