Amsterdam Legal Map brings legal counters into focus

Amsterdam has an extensive network of social counselors, legal desks, legal stores, neighborhood teams, legal consultation hours and other (informal) legal aid providers. But citizens struggle to find the right desk. This project aims to bridge the gap between citizens and legal professionals.
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Purpose and creation

The Social Legal Map of Amsterdam was developed to provide citizens with a clear overview of available (free) legal services. This initiative was created through a collaboration between the Amsterdam Law Hub, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and Patroon, with funding from the Legal Aid Board. The map makes it easy for citizens and legal aid providers to search by type of aid provider or type of legal problem.

Social legal map homepage
The social legal map
The social legal map as a web app.
The map as a web app.
An early version of the social legal map.
Users can choose between display on a map or in a list.

User Centric Design

User centric design was applied in the development of Amsterdam's social legal map to ensure that the map properly reflects the needs and expectations of end users. User centric design emphasizes the importance of involving end users in all phases of the design process, from idea generation to prototype testing to final implementation.

The Brand Guide.

Content and impact

The map shows locations of legal stores, legal counters, neighborhood teams and (social) lawyers. Since its launch, improvements have been observed in access to legal advice, more efficient service delivery and cooperation between service providers.

Future developments

Challenges include keeping the map current, reaching vulnerable groups and addressing language barriers. Future developments may focus on expansion to other cities, integration with digital platforms and the use of advanced technology.

Amsterdam's social legal map has proven to be a successful initiative. Continued innovation and collaboration are crucial to keep the map current and further improve access to legal advice.

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