Getting a grip on legal complexity

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We help legal teams to communicate effectively about internal legal affairs. Our visuals are used to boost compliance, understand post IPO duties and communicate about corporate governance. We bring visual clarity to corporate complexity.

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Planning a deal. Explaining governance. Implementing compliance programs.. It is hard to communicate legal complexity to the business. Visuals help to boost understanding and engagement.

Compliance is a matter of behaviour, not protocols. And behavioural change begins with understanding. We create clear legal documentation that is meant to be understood.

We have worked on more than 100 legal design projects. Our clients include multinationals, universities, startups and NGOs. We quickly understand the legal complexity of an organisation and create tailor made solutions that simply work.

“60% faster negotiation”

'The agreements took a whopping 60% less time to negotiate than their previous legalese-laden versions did. Some customers have even signed plain-language contracts without a single change. Customer feedback has been universally positive, and there hasn’t been a single customer dispute over the wording of a plain-language contract.'

“Making complex matter comprehensible”

‘Thanks to legal design we make complex matter comprehensible. They show again and again that a contract does not have to be boring. By moving away from the current practices, legal agreements become more understandable. That is the ultimate goal: understanding each other and writing that down as simple as possible.’

Hans Maltha
CEO of Burst Digital

“Essential skill”

Legal design will have a great impact on the way we litigate, negotiate, communicate and on the legal industry as a whole in the years to come. Legal design is an essential skill for every lawyer.

Associate at Greenfort

"After completing the course I'm confident to create legal infographics"

Learning the craft of legal design has been challenging and useful. After completing the legal design academy, I feel confident to create legal infographics with no external help.

Sanne Gerick
Associate Dispute Resolution at De Roos Advocaten