The power of design - used in the court room.

The power of design - used in the court room.

We help lawyers win more cases

Court cases are complex. Judges are overloaded with text. And lawyers need to get across their arguments in a short amount of time. We use the power of information design to help lawyers litigate effectively. Together with the client we create overviews, timelines, structure charts and technical drawings and video's to bring visual structure to complex litigations. We provide additional high end manpower in time constrained settings. Creating key infographics and alleviating pressure by taking over workflows. Please let us know if you have a case or project. We are happy to discuss the possibilities of legal design with you.

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We have worked on more than 100 court cases and international arbitrations. We understand how to use the power of effective design in a court setting. It's not about adding pretty images. It's about helping the court truly understand the complexity of an argument, contract or business relationship. And to assist client understanding of complex legal requirements, and clarify and enhance key court documents with design elements.

Strong track record
Lawyers & designers

We are lawyers and designers. We are quickly up to speed with the legal matter on hand. Together with the litigation team we create a legal design strategy. Then we start designing visuals that can be used in written submissions or pleading notes. We understand civil procedural law and know how to work with the technical limitations of courtrooms and arbitration hearings.

Our clients often use visual overviews to brief clients, colleagues and experts on the matter at hand. Not in the latest place, we see that judges often use visuals as a starting point during court hearings to ask questions and to arrange arguments.

Better analysis with visual help
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“Telling our story in the clearest possible way”

The team of Patroon Legal Design has been of tremendous help to us in the preparation for a court hearing. We needed to guide the court through very complicated calculations. Their designs were very helpful to tell our story in the clearest possible way. Above all, the team was a joy to work with.
What makes Patroon Legal Design stand out is that they know the pressure and unpredictability of the legal practice and adapt their own schedule to accommodate our timetable.

Charlotte Spierings
Lawyer at Clifford Chance
Clifford Chance.

“Visuals make a difference”

‘I always notice how visuals make a difference during litigation. The judges are often really enthusiastic if they are presented with a visual overview of a complex case. They often use these visuals as starting point during court hearing to ask questions and to arrange arguments.’

Roelien van den Berg
Lawyer at SSHJ Advocaten

“Making complex matter comprehensible”

‘Thanks to legal design we make complex matter comprehensible. They show again and again that a contract does not have to be boring. By moving away from the current practices, legal agreements become more understandable. That is the ultimate goal: understanding each other and writing that down as simple as possible.’

Hans Maltha
CEO of Burst Digital