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How can I group entities in Structure Charts

How can I group entities in Structure Charts

Step 1

Sometimes entities need to be grouped with more than just connectors. This can be done with groupers, you can find those under the "Groupers" section in the asset library.

Step 2

There are two versions of groupers, one with a filled background and the other one with just a line. If you only want to use one grouper, the fill one is a good option, but if you have multiple groups, we advise to use the line version.

Step 3

Just drag the grouper over the entities that need to be group and adjust the alignment of the copy, left, middle or right and top or bottom.

Step 4

It's good practice to send the groupers to the back in terms of layers. Because they 'sit over' the other components, so those components will be hard to reach.

Step 5