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How do I adjust the factual Timelines?

How do I adjust the factual Timelines?

Step 1

Timelines are a great way of portraying events and facts that happened over a span of time. We've made some examples, but chances are that those are not completly aligned with what you need.

Step 2

So check the template library for a design that comes closest to what you want to create. Start the file on the platform or duplicate the original in Figma before you start. First, begin with setting the timeline bar to the right amount of periods and fill them in. Second, fill in all events and add/delete events when necessary.

Step 3

When all events are in the timeline, try to organise them and set them neatly on the right spot. You can flip the events in component section to make them fit better. You'll probably experience that you have to much copy, so consider if all copy is truly necessary for the message you want to get across.

Step 4

When everything is neat and orderly, add/change the tags + the legend. Now it's also the time to add headers and explainers when necessary.

Step 5