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Structure charts

How do I design a Structure Chart from scratch?

How do I design a Structure Chart from scratch?

Step 1

Before you start designing in Figma, we advise you to sketch out the structure chart with pen and paper. This is much quicker and easier.

Step 2

When you know what to make, start with the entities. There's a pre-made component with many entities, but you can also add the Entities manually. The entities have many options, so check them out to see what version you need.

Step 3

After the entities are done, add the connectors. There are many options and when necessary you can dash the connectors. You can drag the connectors till they fit and later you can adjust the alignment from top, center and bottom.

Step 4

Now that the basic structure is complete you can add goupers to group entities. There are ones with a fill for a single grouping and line versions when you have multiple groups.

Step 5

To finish the design add headers, explainers and additional icons to improve the legibility. Sometimes a legend is necessary to make the visual more clear.