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Export your work

How do I export images?

How do I export images?

Step 1

When the design is completed or a draft needs to be shared to be checked, you might have to export the design as an image.

Step 2

Important to know is dat you can only export design that are part of a Frame. So check if components are in the frame in the Layer list, they'll appear under the Frame.

Step 3

When you've selected the frame(s) you want to export, go to the the bottom of the right pane and you'll find the "Export" section. By pressing the "+" button the export options will be shown. Here you can enlarge the image, add a suffix and determine the file type. This settings will only be used for the selected frames.

Step 4

Press "Export" to export the files. Figma will show you a explorer window to select the destination of your exports.

Step 5