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How do I make a Roadmap from scratch?

How do I make a Roadmap from scratch?

Step 1

Before you start designing in Figma, we advise you to sketch out the structure chart with pen and paper. This is much quicker and easier.

Step 2

When you're sketch is finished, start a new file and activate the asset library. Start with the timeline bar. And set it to the right amount of periods and change the copy to the dates/periods you need. Don't forget to switch on the background, if necessary.

Step 3

When the timeline is done, you can now add events. Drag the events in the file and add the text + date per event. You can flip the events to make them all fit in the timeline. This is also a good moment to make sure all copy is actually needed and isn't just taking up space.

Step 4

After all events are added, it's time to add a header and explainers when necessary. Also don't forget to add the legend when using multiple parties.

Step 5