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How do I move and copy objects?

How do I move and copy objects?

Step 1

Objects can be moved anywhere on the workspace. And can be duplicated without any limit. By selecting the object, click on it and drag it around you move objects. The orange guidelines can be used to align the object to other objects.

Step 2

While holding "Shift" and dragging an object, the object will only move in 90 degree angles. Up, down, left or right.

Step 3

When holding "Alt" while dragging the object will be duplicated. The original object will stay in it's place, but the duplicate can be move around.

Step 4

You can also duplicate objects by using "CTRL / CMD - C" to copy and "CTRL / CMD - V" to paste. The duplicate will be on top of the original, so it might seem it didn't work.

Step 5