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Introduction to Figma

What are the properties of objects?

What are the properties of objects?

Step 1

Every object has properties and these can be manipulated to make them part of your design. You can find these properties in the right pane when you select an object. If you select multiple objects, you can only manipulate the properties that the objects have in common. For example, you can change the colour of a text field and rectangle at the same time, but not the fontsize.

Step 2

On top of the properties pane you can find the placement and size section. This determines the position in the workspace (X and Y) and the size (W(idth) and H(eight)). But also the rotation and the rounding of the corners.

Step 3

The Fill section is used to fill the object in with colour.

Step 4

The Stroke section, determines the size of the stroke and it's placement. You can also adjust the colour of the stroke here.

Step 5

The following sections are less used. The constraints determines the anchor to the frame. Layer section adjust the type of layer behaviour. And the Effects section is used to add effects to layers.