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Introduction to Figma

What tools can I use in Figma

What tools can I use in Figma

Step 1

All the basic tools necessary to design in Figma can be found in the top left corner.

Step 2

First button is the menu, this includes a search bar to find what you need easily. Second button is the "Select" (v) and "Scale" (k) tool, to move and scale objects.

Step 3

Third button is "Frames" (f), you can select a preset Frame in the right pane (when clicked). Or drag a custom frame in the workspace. Fourth is objects, these are the physical building blocks of your design.

Step 4

Fifth button is "Pen" (p) and "Pencil" (shift-p) to create vector lines. Sixth is the "Text" (t) tool. To create text field or to select texts.

Step 5

Seventh in the list is the "Hand" (h) tool. To move around in the workspace. And the last button is the "Comment" (c) tool, this is used to make comments or the find the comments made by other users.