Maurits Fornier

Lawyer + designer


Maurits Fornier is an experienced legal information designer. He began his career at Freshfields, where he was part of the international arbitration and litigation practice group. During his time at Freshfields, he discovered the importance of compelling visuals to clarify complex legal concepts and communicate them effectively in the courtroom.

His background as a lawyer gives him a deep understanding of the legal context, which he uses to create informative and compelling visuals.

Maurits works with law firms, corporations and governments around the world to communicate their legal issues in an understandable and compelling way. Whether it is a contract, a lawsuit or an internal legal issue, Maurits can help make it clear.

He shares his expertise on national and international stages and regularly publishes on legal design. Maurits founded his own firm in 2016 and has since been dedicated to supporting leading law firms and their clients.

Recent projects