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About us

We are practical idealists who believe that the law should  be accessible. We believe that law can help, rather than hinder. We are creative lawyers who think visually.

Why Patroon

Legal design offers unprecedented opportunities for lawyers and legal counsel. Because when you use images instead of words,  legal issues become much clearer. This is how we make the law work for you. Our team consists of lawyers and designers. That combination is essential, because we understand the legal background of your question. We translate this into understandable, accessible and convincing design, while retaining the legal validity.Why do we do this?We believe that every legal issue benefits from good design. Is a legal issue too complicated? We know that a well-designed contract clarifies agreements and that cleverly thought-out pleading notes clarify a complicated matter. The form this takes is not so relevant. Sometimes a drawing helps, then a step-by-step plan, a flowchart, a video or an infographic.

What we believe

Contracts are complicated, guidelines are unreadable, court cases are incomprehensible for a layman. But there is no way around it? No, we don't believe in that. We think law should serve a purpose, and we like to help with that, with good design. We are creative lawyers who create clarity. We make legal matters accessible, understandable, fun to work with. Really. Give us a contract, terms and conditions, a complicated fact pattern or business structure and we'll dive in, to come up with a clear infographic, drawing, video, timeline or other kind of visual.The result? The judge is convinced, your client understands what you are doing, colleagues enjoy working with your procedures, clients understand what they are signing up for. And the common thread is always: with good design the law starts working for you.

Who we work for

Every lawyer can, with our help, explain in a few visuals how things really are and win cases with it. Because a picture convinces better than a thousand words. Or he can provide his services in a more accessible way, which non-lawyers can also understand. Because the lawyer of the future no longer sits on an island, he builds a bridge to non-lawyers. The lawyer of the future works more effectively with good design in his toolbox.

Every general counsel or lawyer in a government or non-profit organization becomes popular thanks to legal design. In their own organization (and beyond), they will no longer see 'legal' as an obstacle, the troublesome department, but as the opportunity creators. Because good design ensures clear contracts, procedures, regulations or conditions. And that leads to fewer mistakes, less legal wrangling, less complicated hassle.

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What our clients say

"Patroon knows the pressure and unpredictability of the legal practice. That's what makes them stand out."

Charlotte Spierings
Lawyer at Clifford Chance

"Judges often use visuals as a starting point during court hearing to ask questions and to arrange arguments."

Roelien van den Berg
Litigation Partner at SSHJ Advocaten

"Patroon shows again and again that a contract does not have to be boring. By moving away from the current practices, legal agreements become more understandable."

Hans Maltha
CEO of Burst Digital

Legal design has proven to be invaluable for our HR strategy. Not only to attract creative and out-of-the-box thinkers, but also to ensure challenging and dynamic jobs.

Joni Uhlenbeck
CEO of De Roos Advocaten
De Roos Advocaten.

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