Maurits Fornier

Legal information designer


Maurits is co-founder of Patroon. He started his career in 2011 at Freshfields where he worked in the litigation and arbitration practice group. That's we he first started using infographics to support written submissions and hearings. In 2015 he decided to fully focus on the power of design in the legal world, and started Patroon. Maurits is seen as frontrunner in the legal design field. He regularly speaks and teaches about the subject.

Recent projects

Publications / Speaking / Teaching

  • Various keynotes about Plain Contracting for companies.
  • 'Competition Law and Legal Design' - Masters course at Utrecht University.
  • 'Legal Design for Lawyers' - LegalPlanet course for lawyers.
  • Legal design and general counsel - GCN Conference 2018
  • ZegalCon 2018
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