Maurits Fornier

Legal information designer


Legal designer

My job is to think just as easily in images as in words. As a legal design expert, I make complex legal issues clear. Because a diagram, infographic, timeline, drawing or video is so much more convincing than a thousand words.


Patroon Legal Design works for clients that also know that images are so much more effective than words. We work for litigators who have to convince courts. And for legal counsel who want to make complex contracts usable and accessible for colleagues and clients. We provide our services worldwide to law firms, corporations, start-ups and governments.

Lawyer with a mission

The basis of everything I do is my background and training as a lawyer. I understand the legal context, and can translate that to visuals. I love to solve legal puzzles, because that's what they really are. With every project I ask myself the questions: who are we doing this for, what problem are we solving, who is going to read this, and what is the purpose of this?

Recent projects

Publications / Speaking / Teaching

  • Legal design voor advocaten in De advocatuur als onderneming (Boom juridisch, 2022).
  • Various keynotes about Plain Contracting for companies.
  • 'Competition Law and Legal Design' - Masters course at Utrecht University.
  • 'Legal Design for Lawyers' - LegalPlanet course for lawyers.
  • Legal design and general counsel - GCN Conference 2018
  • ZegalCon 2018

Recht in Beeld

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