The impact of litigation visuals
The effect of litigation visuals on case outcomes, client satisfaction and case comprehension.
We asked 100+ litigators about the effects of visuals in complex cases. 
Here’s what they said.
“To what extent do visuals contribute to positive case outcomes?”
74% reported a strong to very strong contribution to positive case outcomes
Our research points to a strong correlation between the use of litigation visuals and positive case outcomes. A substantial 57% of respondents reported a strong contribution of visuals to case outcome. 17% perceived a very strong contribution. This suggests that visuals may play a significant role in shaping successful case outcomes.
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“How has the use of visuals affected client satisfaction?”
89% reported an increase in client satisfaction
The use of visuals appears to greatly enhance client satisfaction, with an impressive 89% of respondents confirming this. Furthermore, over half of these respondents (52%) reported that visuals led to a significant increase in client satisfaction, underlining the potential value of visuals in fostering client relationships.
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“Do you believe visuals improve your own understanding of the case?”
83% reported improved case understanding
The process of creating visuals was found to contribute significantly to lawyers’ understanding of their own cases. A majority of respondents noted that developing visuals helped them analyze and comprehend their case more deeply. In fact, 50% reported that visuals considerably improved their case understanding, and 33% said that visuals greatly improved it. This underscores the dual value of visuals in not only conveying case details to judges and clients, but also in aiding lawyers’ own understanding and preparation.
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Other insights
“Want to use them (even) more!”
“Convincing clients of investment can be an issue.”
“I think we should make using them a standard part of litigation, but most of us were not trained to do so.”
“Everyone should use them! And until that time, the party that uses them has a significant advantage.”
“You have to manage the risk of over-simplification, and therefore overstepping possible nuances.”
“I've experienced great added value in advice -- it helps to make the work product more accessible for people who are not lawyers or have less time to digest the advice.”
“Videos and graphics will become more and more useful in litigation.”
About the author
Litigation visuals
Our team develops litigation visuals that are both well-designed and technically sound. We work together with large firms and boutiques to make their cases more understandable and persuasive. We’re turning complex legal concepts into clear, compelling visuals.

We offer comprehensive training programs in the creation and use of legal visuals, designed for legal professionals at all levels of experience.
Patroon is a legal design agency founded by professionals with firsthand litigation experience. Our approach, rooted in our own legal backgrounds, balances the clarity and accessibility that visuals can provide with the complexity inherent to high-stakes litigation.
Maurits Fornier is a co-founder of Patroon and a specialist in litigation visuals. Before establishing Patroon, he practiced as a lawyer at Freshfields. Maurits assists lawyers and companies in visualizing legal complexity, thereby making intricate concepts accessible and understandable. In addition to creating impactful visuals, he consults firms on the implementation of legal design in their daily practice.
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