Contracts made to be understood.

We create contracts that do work. So that the legal onboarding of new clients runs smoothly. Without ambiguities, delays and legal ping-pong.
Gemeente Amsterdam

Lawyers & designers

Our team consists of lawyers and designers. We understand the legal content and translate it into an understandable, accessible and convincing contract.


Shorter negotiation time
Clear contracts accelerate the deal flow.


Fewer words
Not a wall of text, but a contract made to be understood.


Fewer internal questions
Because the contract is also understandable to non-legal colleagues.
Increases trust
Build trust and take your customers seriously with crystal clear contracts.
Less risk
Increasingly thick contracts are a breeding ground for conflict.
Competitive advantage
Stand out from the competition.
Huib-Jan Verhoef
"After their first presentation already spot-on"

In 3 steps to an optimal legal user experience

We transform contracts into clear and accessible documents by applying the lessons of UX design. We remove legal jargon and provide structure. We add infographics because an image is worth more than 1000 words. And all of that in your corporate identity.
Stap 1
Structuur en navigatie

Voeg een duidelijke structuur en interactieve navigatie toe en voorkom dat je lezers door de bomen het bos niet meer zien.

Stap 2
Geen vaagtaal

Verwijder onnodig jargon en maak het contract toegankelijk voor alle klanten en (interne) accountmanagers.

Stap 3

Ondersteun de tekst met infographics en iconen. Het oog wil ook wat.

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What our customers say

They know the legal practice
Patroon knows the pressure and unpredictability of legal practice. That's what sets them apart.
Charlotte Spierings
Attorney, Clifford Chance
Lawyers and designers
It's great to work with designers who are also lawyers.
Marieke de HoonPublic International Law & Policy Group
Visuals during hearings
Judges often use visuals as a starting point during court hearings to ask questions and organize arguments.
Roelien van den Berg
Lawyer, Avizor
Deeply impressed
I am deeply impressed with how Patroon reviews our legal documentation. They pick out legal inconsistencies and bring it back to basics.
Legal counselHead of Risk & Compliance
Integration into case teams
Their team members integrate seamlessly into our case teams. They really add strategic value. My clients love it.
LawyerArbitration specialist
Technical video
We had a very technical business. Patroon then made a video. As a result, the arbitrators understood how it worked. That would not have been possible without that movie.
Arbitration specialist