Complex regulations, captured in one picture

We transform complex regulations and business policies into clear and interactive guides. We can't make it more fun, but we can make it easier.
Gemeente Amsterdam

Legal User Experience

In an era where quick access to information and ease of use are paramount, our interactive compliance documents provide a modern, efficient way to communicate about complex regulations.

More understandable
Transform complex legal documents into interactive guides that anyone can follow.
Illustratie van een praatwolkje en een oog.
Better compliance
Improve regulatory compliance with clear, understandable explanations that encourage action.
Save time
Save the time and costs that would normally go to writing and updating comprehensive legal notes.
Popularity of the legal department
Make compliance accessible and easy, making the legal department an even more valued pillar of the organization.
The content adapts to the specific needs and context of each user.
Faster onboarding
Newcomers are more likely to get up to speed.
Sjors Dobbelaar
"The strength of Patroon is that they bring together and unite two disciplines"

In 3 steps to an optimal legal user experience

We transform policies into clear and accessible documents by applying the lessons of UX design. We remove legal jargon and provide structure. We add infographics because an image is worth more than 1000 words. And all of that in your corporate identity.
Stap 1

Add interactive navigation and prevent your readers from losing sight of the woods for the trees.

Stap 3
Extra explanation

Avoid 'simple' questions and provide additional explanations where necessary.

Stap 2
Question and answer

Through a number of simple questions and answers, the user arrives at the relevant information.

What our customers say

They know the legal practice
Patroon knows the pressure and unpredictability of legal practice. That's what sets them apart.
Charlotte Spierings
Attorney, Clifford Chance
Lawyers and designers
It's great to work with designers who are also lawyers.
Marieke de HoonPublic International Law & Policy Group
Visuals during hearings
Judges often use visuals as a starting point during court hearings to ask questions and organize arguments.
Roelien van den Berg
Lawyer, Avizor
Deeply impressed
I am deeply impressed with how Patroon reviews our legal documentation. They pick out legal inconsistencies and bring it back to basics.
Legal counselHead of Risk & Compliance
Integration into case teams
Their team members integrate seamlessly into our case teams. They really add strategic value. My clients love it.
lawyerArbitration specialist
Technical video
We had a very technical business. Patroon then made a video. As a result, the arbitrators understood how it worked. That would not have been possible without that movie.
Arbitration specialist

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