Legal design as part of your legal toolbox.
Design clear B2B contracts

Take your drafting skills to the next level with this master class. Learn how best to structure legal information and which UX design techniques you can use to make commercial contracts more user-friendly.

2 hours
Target audience:
corporate lawyers and contract makers
Translate complex legal clauses into clear picture

During this workshop you will learn how to use images in complex contracts and how to communicate (legal) technical concepts more effectively as a lawyer. Even if you are not a born artist, this workshop is excellent to attend and participate in.

2 hours
Target audience:
Legal User Experience Design

Learn all about designing user-friendly legal products. Using a case study that plays out in your practice. How can you best structure legal information and what UX design techniques should you employ? After this session, you'll know all about the 5 steps of our design process.

2 hours
Target audience:
Jurisdictional teams
Litigation Visuals

During this master class, we take an in-depth look at the use of imagery in arbitration or legal proceedings. You will not only learn which concepts underlie this, but also which strategic considerations you should take into account when using visual material.

2 hours
Target audience:
Recruitment Event
Legal Design Escape Room

A rudderless company in dire straits. A distraught client, incomplete documents, a demanding corporate court and only 1 solution. That's the legal design escape room. Challenging. Gamified. Unforgettable.

4 hours
Target audience:
Our co-founder Savannah has been named one of the FD Talents 2023.

What our customers say

Lawyers and designers
It's great to work with designers who are also lawyers.
Marieke de HoonDirector Netherlands, Public International Law & Policy Group
They know the legal practice
Patroon knows the pressures and unpredictability of legal practice. This sets them apart.
Charlotte Spierings Attorney at law, Clifford Chance
Visuals during sessions
Judges often use visuals as a starting point during court hearings to ask questions and organize arguments.
Roelien van den Berg Attorney at law, SSHJ
Deeply impressed
I am deeply impressed with the way Patroon goes through our legal documentation. They take out legal inconsistencies and bring it back to basics.
Legal counselHead of Risk & Compliance
Integration into case teams
Their team members integrate seamlessly into our case teams. They really add strategic value. My clients love them.
Lawyer Arbitration Specialist
Technical video
We had a very technical case. Patroon then made a video. Because of that, the arbitrators understood how it was put together. It wouldn't have been possible without that film.
Lawyer Arbitration Specialist
Municipality of Amsterdam
Clifford Chance
DLA Piper
Lemstra Van der Korst
Van Doorne

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