Translate complex legal clauses into clear picture

During this workshop you will learn how to use images in complex contracts and how to communicate (legal) technical concepts more effectively as a lawyer. Even if you are not a born artist, this workshop is excellent to attend and participate in.
2 hours
Target audience:
Image of an iPad showing an example of a legal design project used by corporate lawyers.
This workshop is designed for anyone dealing with complex legal contracts. You will send in a clause or contract in advance, for example from a file you are currently working on. Think of conditions precedent, earn-outs, liability caps, dispute escalation mechanisms, arbitration clauses, duration/notice/termination clauses. As long as it's complex.
In brief
On site or online
Getting started with a case from your field of work
Taught by experienced legal designers

What previous participants thought

Very inspiring. Gained knowledge to apply immediately in my own practice. Enthusiastic presentation.
Practically applicable
Very practical and hands-on. Definitely going to apply this!
Thinking differently
Encourages different way of thinking about arguing/presenting/convincing.
The teachers managed to spark a lot of discussion from within the group.
This course gives many opportunities to visualize complex legal issues in a simple(er) way, an eye-opener.
Very good and clear introduction of the concept and application of legal design, with clear and appealing examples.

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