A clear contract builds trust

Clear contracts inspire trust.
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LC Energy builds solar energy systems on farmland. For this, partnerships with farmers are essential. How do you create trust in such an environment? We redesigned the company's term sheet and process explainer. The explainer shows the entire partnership process from start to finish. Providing a bigger picture leads to transparency. And transparency creates trust.

A list of icons used in the contract.

‍Awaywith small print

Potential customers should be able to easily understand the proposed deal. No blocks of text that may hide suspicious clauses. No complicated language that takes hours to understand. Parties must be on the same page during the meeting. This requires clear language. For example, instead of a legal name "term sheet," the document is called "Our offer. Both rights and obligations are clearly stated in the term sheet. Obligations are not hidden in fine print.

Visual contract with icons and clear language.
The letter of intent

Minimalist design

We used a minimalist design that emphasizes the commitment to transparency. The documents should not look like marketing material. The idea is not to sell. The goal is to build a long-term partnership based on trust.

Visual term sheet with icons and a roadmap.
Term sheet

Kitchen Table

Both legal documents are A3 size. They can easily be placed on the kitchen table during the discussion. Blanks are filled in and agreed changes are made on a tangible piece of paper before the farmer's eyes. Nothing is hidden, the documents take shape in collaboration.

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