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An agreement that reflects the company and its values
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The applicant had an excellent cover letter, passed every task you gave him, and came through the interview rounds well. And now - as icing on the cake - you want to send the applicant an offer in the form of a bleak 20-page document that is barely readable. That's not how you want to celebrate the start of a new partnership with a new colleague. That's why PHYSEE wanted to change employment agreements. Together, we created an agreement that reflects the company and its values.

An employment contract that we are happy to send to new colleagues
When attracting new talent, we put a lot of emphasis on our core values and explaining our mission. And when the exciting moment comes when we send an employment contract, we want to convey that as well. The standard long and legal document is the opposite of what we are and want to be. That's why we worked with Patroon Legal Design to create an employment contract that represents us and our core values, which we are happy to send to new colleagues.
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