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Navigating the GDPR: legal design tool for the City of Amsterdam

The GDPR presents complex issues for governing bodies. After all, what can and cannot you actually do with (sensitive) personal data? Good design provides the answers.

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What our customers say

Deeply impressed

I am deeply impressed with the way Patroon goes through our legal documentation. They take out legal inconsistencies and bring it back to basics.

Legal counselHead of Risk & Compliance

Integration into case teams

Their team members integrate seamlessly into our case teams. They really add strategic value. My clients love them.

Lawyer Arbitration Specialist

Technical video

We had a very technical case. Patroon then made a video. Because of that, the arbitrators understood how it was put together. It wouldn't have been possible without that film.

Lawyer Arbitration Specialist
Municipality of Amsterdam
Clifford Chance
DLA Piper
Lemstra Van der Korst
Van Doorne

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