Employee participation: how do I make a gift look like a gift?

Together with Sharesquare, we "gamified" virtual stock option plan.
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Top talent does not settle for a "simple" salary. As companies work hard to attract and retain top talent, they often opt for virtual stock option plans. Great plan! Until you realize that key talent sees virtual stock option plans not as a bonus, but as legal homework. Together with Sharesquare, we have "gamified" virtual stock option plans.

It's an incomprehensible construct full of such suspect buzzwords as "exit," "vesting" and "milestones. So here's the challenge: How do you make a gift look like a gift? For the virtual stock option to work well, employees must understand and benefit from the arrangement. For business owners and their teams, it's about increasing the value of the company. The stock option plan must reflect this. That's why we decided to explain how the virtual stock option plan works in the form of game rules. They show how to maximize company value and personal bonuses, and when the bonuses are paid out and to whom.

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Savannah Koomen
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