Sustainable/green employment contract in dutch
min. leestijd

Sustainability in the workplace

Attracting and retaining talent is key to maintaining and increasing the value of any company. In this time of “the great resignation”, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult because young talent increasingly wants to work for a company that is known for its social engagement.

The green employment contract is a nice welcome gift for these employees: a contract that expresses what a company stands for and makes new colleagues feel welcome and taken seriously.

Stimulating sustainable behavior is the primary goal of the employment contract. In addition, the green employment agreement helps attract and retain top talent.

Socially aware employees who have been with the company for some time are also more likely to look for opportunities to get personally involved in sustainability initiatives at work. While sustainability is increasingly embedded in the business strategy and agenda of large organizations, employees also want to be actively involved. By making agreements together, employees can also influence sustainable changes within the organization. Clear and understandable language in the contract not only improves staff engagement, but also helps build trust and protect the company's reputation.